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Help Us Reach Our Goal Of 500 Plaza Stones Sold!

Help Us Reach Our Goal

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Decorate your plaza stone by choosing from any of the below icons:

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You can purchase a Plaza Stone through our secure PayPal site. You do not have to have a PayPal Account in order to Purchase A Plaza Stone Online. Simply choose pay with credit or debit card.

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If you have any questions, concerns or experience any technical difficulties purchasing online, please click here.

Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email in regards to your reservation to the event.

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Purchasers of Plaza Stones will be contacted in June as to their preferred inscription on the stone!

Strong Center roast

To All Friends and Supporters of the Strong Center At The Surf Club Project:

It has been two years since the concept of developing the Strong Center at the Surf Club took root in the minds of a handful of dedicated dreamers who would not be deterred by a slumping economy or those who said it could not be done.

They have raised private funds from individual donors and grants, nearly enough money to begin the project. Now it is our turn to step forward and bring this project to fruition.

For the price of a decent dinner for four and a good bottle of wine you can own a piece of eternity at the Strong Center. For only $500.00 you can purchase a stone which will be used to pave the plaza. The plaza will be a focal point for those who enter the facility and you and your family can be there for visitors and friends to see forever. We have established a goal of selling 500 paving stones by the end of this calendar year.

In order to reach this goal we need the help and support of all members of the community.

Thanks to the generosity of Tim Malone of Malone's Restaurant we will be offering a $100.00 gift certificate to his restaurant in Madison for anyone who buys a stone and gets another person to purchase one.

This can be done by using pay pal on this site to make the purchase and then contacting Larry Ciotti via email or by calling 203-671-9805 with the name of the person you sold the stone to.

Once your purchase and the purchase of your referral is complete, you will receive a gift card to Malone's Restaurant.

Please encourage that person to try and sell another, and we will build a network of people working to accomplish this lofty goal. I know first hand the strength of this community. I have witnessed your generosity and commitment at work on hundreds of occasions over the past three decades. This is clearly a task that we can accomplish if we work together to create a gem on the shoreline for future generations to enjoy. By purchasing a stone you will let them know that you were part of this transformation.

Steve Filippone
Plaza Stone Committee