This would create a facility that lives up to the site. It is one of the most spectacularly beautiful sites to play sports.
Duo Dickinson, Architect

The Strong Center Vision.

The Vision.

The Vision guiding the effort to complete the Strong Center is both simple and clear: A first-quality, state of the art facility that celebrates local life through sports and the arts.

The Vision will be realized when families and friends from around the region gather at the Strong Center, experience the thrill of great performances, and feel a shared sense of civic pride at what Madison stands for.

Where we stand.

Finish Strong is the title given to the campaign to complete the Strong Center and ensure its status as a premium venue. To accomplish this, the following items now require funding:

  • A new scoreboard.

    Funds have been raised for a scoreboard that will accommodate all the sports to be played at the Center.
  • New bleachers.

    A goal of 2000 seats – twice the existing space – has been set, including handicapped-accessible seating as well.
  • A new Press Box.

    A media-ready press box is planned, allowing sports and arts reporters a space from which to view, write, and transmit reviews and reports.